Stabilize of 0.9x clip doesn't resolve

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Stabilization of slowed video clip (0.9x, 0.8x, 0.7x) doesn’t reach the “analyzed” state.
At the end, the status return to click analyze to use this filter

This is the XML part of stabilization:

ps: I could have corrupted the xml using 2 different version of shotcut?

(and Stabilization of 1.0x clip instead works properly)

I reproduce this with a timeline clip, but I found a workaround that does not require exporting to an intermediate file:

  1. Cut the timeline clip
  2. switch to the Source player
  3. add Stabilize filter if needed and Analyze
  4. wait for analysis job to complete
  5. Paste the source to the timeline

By comparing XML between the slow version that fails, and normal version (1.x) that complete stabilization, I see that instead of a hashrow, the good version put a tag with full filepath to the stab.file.

I’ve done the corresponding changes and now the analysis results complete even in the 0.7x version.

I suggest to fix the xml behind the stabilization for next releases…

Tag to fix: “filename” and “results” instead of “shotcut:hash”


This is fixed for the next version.

great , thank you!