Stabilize filter test - initial report

Hi, I just spend a few minutes testing the Stabilize filter. I took this original VERY SHAKY shot:

…and applied the default stabilize filter settings:

…and got this:

Here are the two shots side by side:

The processed file seems to be zoomed, although the zoom level is set to 0 in the settings. The processed video is still quite shaky - and the planes seem distorted in places. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to experiment further right now and tweak the parameters to see if I can get a better result, but I hope this brief report is helpful. Cheers
Jon [EDIT - after viewing the above video a number of times, yes the processed video is actually a lot smoother. Still some distortion of the plane wings, though.]


I’ve not needed to use the stabilise filter before myself, but seeing that shows it could be very useful in the future. I don’t think many casual viewers would pick up on the distortion you noticed yourself.

I think it came out very good. I agree with @QDSOV that most viewers will not notice the slight distortion but I imagine that tinkering with the Stabilize settings should smooth distortions out.

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