Stabilize filter: "select a file to store analysis results"

When I select the filter ‘stabilize’ and hit ‘analyze’, a window opens asking me to “select a file to store analysis results”. Where am I expected to store this? Why can’t Shotcut store the information in the project file or choose a temporary file itself?

Just go ahead and save the *.stab file to wherever you like, give it a single letter name and save it to the desktop to make it easy to delete once you’re done with the project.

Okay but I’d like to make the feature request that Shotcut handles these itself without user involvement.

It is one file by clip, right?
If you do an error and overwrite, it will mees up the other file, right?

C[quote=“Keno40, post:4, topic:1797, full:true”]
It is one file by clip, right?If you do an error and overwrite, it will mees up the other file, right?

Correct. Try not to shoot yourself in the foot.

Today, Shotcut provides no file management whatsoever. When the day comes that you can set a project folder then Shotcut will start doing what you suggest.

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Could it at least default to a more suitable folder than “C:\Windows\System32”? I don’t think that’s an appropriate folder to put the .stab files!

For me, the default folder is the Shotcut installation folder.
Perhaps you’re using the portable version?

No, I’m using installed (not portable) Shotcut 17.06.01, Win 10 Pro

OK, well on my W10 Pro 64bit, it always defaults to the SC installation folder.

Yeah, then it tells me I don’t have write permissions for this folder (yet it’s my personal Win10 64 box). So I’ve made a junk folder in my Videos folder that now has a bunch of random and unusable stab files. Seems silly that SC doesn’t already do what is suggested above. Must be a difficult implementation.