Stabilize Filter read but not added

Debian Testing/10/Buster running OpenShot-v2.4.2-x86_64.AppImage

Here is the startup log this shows that the stabilize filter is read, but never added:

Stabilize does not show up in the list of filters when I have a video clip selected. GPU Effects are disabled (if that is still required).

Is there some additional debugging that can be enabled to get more information about why the filter is not loading? Would building from source likely address the issue?

Thank you!

I can confirm this is a problem in the Linux builds since v18.06. I just found out about it thanks to you.

UPDATE: I fixed for the next release v18.08 due August 1. There is no easy fix; building from source is difficult and support help not provided for that. v18.03 has this; I do not recommend v18.05 as too buggy. You can have more than one version when using portable or AppImages.

@shotcut Thanks for addressing this so promptly.

Note that when you update a post as you did, there is no email notification sent. Fortunately, I still had the page open. :slight_smile:

Hello, @shotcut. I’m using gentoo. I’ve built shotcut-18.12.23 and faced the same issue - some filters missing (color grading, stabilization). I’m experienced enough to fix the problem myself, but I need some help. Can you point the commit in the repo, where you fixed the issue earlier as a start point, where I can investigate further?

All I need - is to launch the app with GPU support and filters became available

shotcut --gpu