Stabilize filter: a few more thoughts

The stabilize filter works very well in my experience.

Here’s an original shot:

And here I applied the stabilizer with a full setting of 10 shakiness and 15 accuracy:

However, if the shakiness of the original is too much and your settings are too high, then you might end up with something like this:

With stabilize:

It’s best to experiment with each individual shot. I think the default settings would work OK in most cases.

Also, I sussed out the zoom setting: the filter is clever, and zooms in the shot to cover up the untidy edges where the frames are rotated to compensate for the shakiness. Cool! Also cool is the fat that you can adjust the zoom after the stabilize filter has done its analysing and see the effect in real time in the preview screen.

The smoothing feature allows you to add a touch of blur to make the processed shot, er, smoother…


I can’t find the stabilize filter. I have the video in the timeline and selected.

It’s there! With your clip selected, select the filters tab. Click the plus sign. It may be in the list. If not, you may have “favourites” selected and it’s not in your favourites. If not, select “Video”.

OR … after clicking “Plus” start typing “stab” and it will enter that in the search field and SC will find it for you. :grinning:

I tried that… :frowning:

Do you probably have GPU effects enabled?

Yes I just found that. I have multiple videos and photos on the timeline.
I think I’ll try creating a new .mlt file with just the single shaky video in it. Then stabilize it there (GPU off) then save it, then put it back into the project.

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