Stabilization - ongoing analysis status is lost


I’m working on a project with more than 20 clips that are quite shaky; and as I love the way Shotcut implements stabilization, I wanted to use Shotcut for this project !

But there’s a little thing that make my life hard for this project

Detailed steps to reproduce

  • add 2 videos on the timeline, the first is quite long (> 2mn typically)
  • add stab filter to the first clip
    • at this point, the text next to the analyze button is clearly showing that the clip have to be analyzed
    • click Analyse
    • the text is now “Alalyzing”, that is perfect as the analyze process is ongoing
  • while this analyze is ongoing, click on the second clip (as if you worked on it)
  • then come back to the first clip
    • Problem: the text is like if no analyze is ongoing:


I would except that for each clip being analyzed (or in jobs queue) the text next to the buttons says me “Analyzing…”, like if I didn’t clicked elsewhere then came back.

Analyzing is a floating text, but when stabilization has been completed, the analyzed text should appear.

Unfortunately, you have to save your project when stabilization is completed, because if you don’t save, you lose the stabilization file associations, even if they took a lot of time

Yes, it does, but this is not the subject here

Yes I know it. But this is not the subject :wink: This problem appears independently of the saved state (saved file or not)