Stabilization of 360 video

I have been trying to us the stabilize filter on a 360 video. From what I can tell there is no effect on the result. I wonder if this filter works at all on 360 video?

I suspect the filter works by zooming and sacrifice the edges to get a smooth video.This approach would not work in 360. Dose anyone know if this is the case?

It’s very hard to stabilize a 360 video, whether in spherical or equirectangular format.
The 2D zoom effect will not work, obviously, but if you really need to remove some serious shaking, here’s what I’d do (equirect):

  1. Apply the stabilize filter on the video
  2. export the resulting video
  3. re-import the stabilized version
  4. apply it as a new layer in the center of the video, with reduced size (e.g .90% scale) so that you can see the original around.
  5. hope for the best.

The downsides:

  1. you’ll still have a shaky video on the top/bottom + back of the video.
  2. You’ll see distortions, as the spherical map shifts a bit, especially in the upper-lower regions.