Stabilization Filter

Hi Dan and everyone,

I noticed that the stabilize filter is gone in the latest version. Is that coming back soon?

It should not be gone. What is your OS? Maybe something broke in the build process and that got overlooked.

I just install latest release and this function is present in filter list. But i’m not testing it. (Win 7 64 bit)

It’s funny, someone with the Linux version asked me if I knew why it was gone, so I looked at my Mac version, and it was gone in there as well :slight_smile:

Heres a screenshot
enter link description here

It appears for me in OS X. It is no longer available when a track or the timeline-as-a-whole is selected. If you start Shotcut fresh, empty project, open a clip, do not add it to the timeline, and go to Filters, it should be there. If you do put something in the timeline, you must select it. Immediately after adding something to a new timeline, the clip is not automatically selected; rather, the timeline-as-a-whole is selected (as displayed in Properties and top of the Filters panel).

Ugh! You are absolutely right! :slight_smile: