Stabilization filter get mad sometimes

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I’ve noticed a strange stabilization that gets mad at the beginning or at the end of a video cut.
This error occurs from December 2021, where I had to solve a bad stabilization beginning overlapping a black video track and fading after the “mad effect”.

To define the mad effect, imagine that stabilization move top left, bottom right, top right and so on… after a couple of second the stabilize start to works.

There is no way to fix an automatic filter by the user… It happens sometimes, while the video that must be stabilized was registered to be “already smoothed”, but with manual defect…

I suppose that stabilization receives “non video” input at the beginning, and starts stabilizing before the clip has begun in the timeline. In fact, I’ve seen that continuous clips better stabilize while in sequence, but get mad while separated in timeline.

Moreover, I’ve put the stabilize filter at the bottom of the color grading and fading filter. I think that the “stabilizer engine” gets the result of my fading correction instead of the original clip track. In my opinion, stabilization should always access the original clip without corrections, to stabilize, but this is my opinion…

In any case, stabilization get mad during “fade Out” effect, and you see the “rip” top left, or bottom, while clip was fading black.

At last, I could consider this bug enough recent, I suppose.

Don’t know much more.

thank you in advance

The filters are designed that they do not know about the other filters and they can not “bypass” other filters. If you want the Stabilize filter to be applied before the other filters, then you can move it to the top of the list of filters and it will be the first one.

I will try to place the stabilization filter at first. thanks