Stabilization + Crop / Aspect Ratio

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I’m new to this forum so halloo everybody!

After stabilization of my footage I am trying to apply crop filter to it to make it look more cinematic (letterbox).
It works fine in any other situation but only after applying stabilization it moves up and down (almost like floating the entire footage).
I tried to apply crop before applying stabilization and still the same. I usually apply crop 100x top 100x bottom and it works fine as it should.
How do you apply black bars to your footage after applying stabilize filter?

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Hi davidfitpt
My guess would be to first stabilize the clip in a separate project.
Start a new project, import the clip you want to stabilize, apply stabilisation filter then export the clip as a new video file. Then use this new file in your main project and apply the other filters.

Hope this helps

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Thank you MusicalBox!!!
That helps a lot. It’s actually a bit longer way of doing things but it works as it should.
Once again, thank you!!!

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I’m glad it worked davidfitpt.
Maybe there are quicker ways to work around this problem, but it’s the only one I could think of :smiley:
Keep an eye on this discussion in case someone else comes up with a better solution.

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