Stability issues with projects using MLT XML clips

I’m having stability issues using MLT XML clips in my projects. Shotcut is crashing when opening the project or soon after. Opening the individual project seems to be fine.

For example, I have 5 small projects with highlights from a series of hockey games. When I try to combine into a single project, the resulting project is too unstable to do much with – on initial import of the MLT XML clips, I can usually add a few filters but as soon as I play the project timeline it inevitably crashes. Then reloading the project usually crashes again.

I’ve attached the output – one that seems fine using the smaller project and the other from the composite project that seg faults.

out-simple-working.txt (64.6 KB)
out-complex-not-working.txt (37.0 KB)
out-complex-not-working-2.txt (50.1 KB)

Using Fedora 29/Shotcut with Nvidia 1070.

Are you using the official build from the Shotcut download site?

No, I’m using the version that’s packaged from the Fedora RPM Fusion site. I’ll go ahead and try the official build this evening and see if I can reproduce the errors again.

Unfortunately, problems still exist using the portable tar version. It is actually crashing on some of the simple projects as well so I’m not sure if it was just most noticeable when using the MLT XML clips. Projects seems to struggle with video playback – showing a blank screen or the picture is frozen and not responding when switching from source to project and then crashing or freezing. Also, adjusting filters on the track seems to trigger crash, for instance adjusting the text in the Text filter.

i’ve found that on larger projects like that one, it’s been my good luck to assemble in smaller, logical portions, render…then add that to the next phase of the project…wash, rinse, repeat until project end…numbering your steps helps immensely…same title so it’s easy to find and numbered in sequence so there are no overwrites

Thanks for your suggestions. I recently installed this on the Windows partition of my computer to see if I could recreate the problem and both the simple and complex project files are crashing in that environment as well. I haven’t seen this issue before and I’m wondering if it’s a regression of some sort with

I will attempt to revert to an earlier version and see if that has the same issues. And to restate, it isn’t just MLT XML clips, but rather any of these small projects using GoPro-generated mp4 video seem to be the problem. It may have coincided with opening the project with the files in a separate location and getting a “repaired” mlt project file. But I have a hard time seeing that as the issue. I will attempt an earlier version and recreate one of the projects from scratch to see if that might resolve the problem.

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