This clip was stabilized with 4 passes, how can I erase this sparkling point due to the reflections of the lenses of the camera which reproduce the initial shaking.

Unless there is a software dedicated to that kind of work, the only way I can think of to remove this is to export each frame and use an app like Photoshop to remove the spot in each image, then rebuilt the video. Lots of work considering 9 seconds of video at, say 30fps, is 270 frames…

Just by curiosity, I tried to repair a few frames of your clip. Turns out just removing the bright yellow dot is relatively easy and quick. But it would take ages to manually remove the halo and ray of light surrounding the dot. Here’s what it looks like with just the dot removed from the 24 first frames (1 second) :

Well, “In for a penny, in for a pound” as they say.
I tried to remove as much halo as I could from the first 10 frames.
For each frame I worked on, I copied an area from another frame (where the halo was on another part of the image), then paste it and use the move tool and a mask to make a seamless demarcation between the patch and the frame under. It took me about 30 or 40 minutes for ten frames, and keep in mind that the frames were already extracted form the video.
So it’s not impossible to fix your video manually like I did. But it is long and tedious work.
Here’s what it looks like (at about 10 frames/second) :

Hope someone comes up with an easier solution.

Thank four your replies,
In fact this clip last few minutes, it was shoot by one of my grandchildren on Fuji Mount, the shaking is du to the earling morning coldness.
After stabilisation I will let it as it’s. There are to much work in perspective.
Thank to all of you

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