Stab file from stabilize filter can't be written to UNC path

Environment: Win 7 64bit, Shotcut 17.01.02 64bit

When selecting a UNC path as target for the stab file of the stabilization filter, the video gets analyzed (jobs show percentage and finally done) but no file gets written.

After finishing the analysis, the text right to the “Analyze” button changes from “Analyzing…” to “Click Analyze to use this filter.” (instead of “Analysis complete.”) but the button itself is disabled. Changing one of the analyze options enables the button again.

The video itself can be loaded just fine from a UNC location.

Workaround: save the stab file on a local file system or don’t use UNC paths at all.

For completeness sake the log contains this:

[Error ] <> shellItem: SHCreateItemFromParsingName(file:///C:/Program Files/Shotcut/share/shotcut/qml/filters/stabilize/SERVER_NAME/SERVER_PATH)) failed (Das System kann den angegebenen Pfad nicht finden.)

where SERVER_NAME/SERVER_PATH is the UNC path.