Srt to Mlt converter

Hello friends,

I want to add a subtitle to the clip in V1. I created the subtitle as *.srt with Aegisub. I did some research on the forum and there is talk of a tool that converts srt file to mlt file…

Can you share what you have? Or how can I add this subtitle to my project?

Thanks in advance for the help friend.

See here:

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Thanks for the answer. @Elusien

Is there an exe format of this?

Does it take too long if we prepare C#? I am using C#

This is a web application. It runs on the browser and so can run on any system - Windows/Linux/Mac/Android/IOS, That is the beauty of a web app. An exe file would have to be developed, tested and build for each of these suystems.

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Yes. You are right…

The web app is a much better choice. Thank you.

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