[SPR filter bug] IMG transition exit/entrance does not correspond

Shotcut version - 22.12.21
OS - Windows 8.1

I am trying to create a transition between 2 images but I see a blank/empty space between this 2 images, even thought I have calculated the numbers correctly.

You may see this screenshot.

What did I do:

  1. Went to the end of the first clip, counted backwards 6 frames, and made a split.
  2. Then I created a 2nd video track, above the slipt of the fisrt track I created another clip 6 frames long. Besides this clip I extened the clip for how long the 2nd image to stay on screen.
  • In the screenshot that I linked above, the timeline head is: for the 1st video track, the LEFT position field is set to -25.
  • If you subtract 1920 - 25 you will get this number 1895, when I write 1895 in the left position field(the SPR filter) of the 2nd video track I see an empty sapce

One thing I see is that you’re using the 360p Preview scaling
This results in a lower resolution preview that blurs the edges of your images.


Turn Preview Scaling OFF and see if that fixes your problem.

By the way, the keyboard shortcuts to quickly switch between Preview scaling settings

F6 - OFF
F7 - 360p
F8 - 540p
F9 - 720p

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MusicalBox thank you, it worked, no problem so far, even after exporting the video.