Spotlight Effect

How could I do this using existing Shotcut tools?

A “spotlight” or “vignette” effect, basically a circle wipe where the interior of the circle is normal video level and the surrounding part is a reduced video level, and the surrounding video level is variable.

How can I do this with a soft/defocused or blurry edge?

Actually the effect could use any shape such as a rectangle, diamond, heart, star, etc.

Is this the effect you’re trying to create?

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Yes, with variable opacity and edge softness to the shape.

Did this using two video tracks. Used the Mask filter on V2, Opacity filter on V1.
Can you provide an example of variable opacity and edge softness to the shape?

I’m not on my regular computer and don’t have Shotcut on this one at the moment.

By “variable opacity” I mean control over the darkness or lightness of the area surrounding the spotlight.

“Softness to the shape” means the circle or whatever shape, has anywhere from a blurry edge to a hard edge.

If you want to really complicate things, throw in a variable width, variable color border.

Thank you for this. I will mess around with it when I’m back on my regular computer.

What is meant by “write on clear”?

This may sound daft, but have you tried the “Vignette” filter already built in to Shotcut?

It has settings for Radius, Feathering and Opacity. AFAIK it only works on the centre of the screen - however I haven’t experimented with it much tbh.

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I have no idea. Dan @shotcut would know.

Like @QDSOV said you can try the Vignette filter. It’s possible to apply multiple instances to a clip.

Multiple masks with color clips can be used as well.

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With the “vignette” filter it is not possible to position the spotlight in the picture. It only covers the center.

The opacity-and-mask combination works OK.