Spot remover not working when clip is in transition

Hey guys, I am brand new here so forgive me if I sound like a slow-learning guy.

Yesterday I followed the beginner tutorials and it was fine.

I am working on old tv music clips and managed to hide the logo of the channels with the spot remover, and then made some transition between the clips, simply moving a clip “above/on” the previous one etc.
Then I saved the project and exported.
Everything was ok, until I watched the exported video.

During the transition of the clips - basically when fading one into the other - I have noticed that the spot remover appears, the it goes back hidden when the transition is over - just one clip -

Could somebody help me?

Thank you in advance,

Marco Tacconi JBP

This sometimes happens. Remove and re-apply the spot remover and the transition.

Hi and welcome @JBP!

Am I right, that you first made transitions and after that used the spot remover?
If that is so, then I always have a rule in mind:
“Filters first, then cutting and make transitions!”.

Hi DvS
no, actually I did what you do, in that order

First of all, we do not know your version. There were bug fixes for filters and transitions in recent versions. Next, select the filter and check in Keyframes that the red bar on the right edge of the first row goes all of the way to the end of the clip.

Ah-yes! Sometimes I had this in earlier versions. So, that could be also a reason.

ok, thank you very much!

my version is 19.04.30

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