Splitting video makes audio preview out-of-sync. Shotcut 18.06.02

When I split a video it makes the audio waveform out of sync. https://streamable.com/y8gad EDIT: Downgraded to 18.05.08 and it doesn’t have the problem.

I do not reproduce it, or I do not understand the steps.

I have the same issue. The image representation in the timeline section of the audio does not sync up with the actual audio after splitting.

Step 1 Put a video track with audio inthe timeline
Step 2 Split the video track
Notice how the audio waves in the timeline do not match up at all with the audio being reproduced.
It looks like the visual is taking the original and reproducing it
This is the visual representation of what it shows after it has been split. *There is audio in the left section.
f2p tier list.mlt (7.4 KB)

It doesn’t mess up the sound at all, but the audio wave forms definitely does change a lot.
I’ll make a video here in a bit showing it.
You just need one video with audio.
It happened after just one split.
I also notice I can barely see any wave form.

MP4 file 1920x1080
AAC audio 48k sample rate, 2 Channel, Stereo
Theme: Fusion Dark
Display Method: Direct X

Shotcut 18.06.02
Windows 10
i7-7700k 4.2ghz, 32gb Ram, Z270 Mobo, GTX1070

Before split (CRTL+Z brings back original wave form)

After splitting. Only effects current split, not previous split if splitting more than once.
For me, the audio is fine, just the visual waveform is not displaying right.

Solution or Work Around:
Reload on Master or Track resets the waveforms on all tracks.

Agreed. @hudson555x My Mini work around right now so i can still use this program is i am working backwards from the end of the video and splitting the end first then splitting the begining so i can actually see what im splitting rather than having to listen for what im splitting

From your mlt file
How do you get 60,000 FPS? :astonished:

You divide num/den to get the framerate.

frame_rate_num=“60000” frame_rate_den=“1001”

60000/1001 = 59.94fps.

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lol, I thought I might be missing something. Thank you. ha ha.
I’m sure in 20 years, we’ll find a way to get there.
I did see the 1001, but couldn’t figure out what it meant.
Was comparing to one of my saved mlt files.
Trying to understand a bit of the coding.

Reload on master? @hudson555x


Is there a reload hotkey?

This is being tracked in the following bug report:

F5 (see all keyboard shortcuts by using Help > Keyboard Shortcuts…)

Thank you will note for the future

Thanks for sharing valuable information

This bug has been resolved in the code for the next version (easy fix with no expected side effects).