Splitting video causes picture to glitch


When i cut a section of the video out , especially in the beginning, the sound is fine but there is a second or two that the video is frozen or glitched and then it catches up. The source video does not do this.

Any suggestions?

Is that only in preview with Settings > Interpolation = Nearest? Or is it also in Export? If only in preview, change Settings > Interpolation. Otherwise, Shotcut is not able to seek accurately on that file or its particular codedc+format. In that case, you need to convert it to Edit-friendly using Properties > menu > Convert… and replace it with the conversion output.

No it happens in the final exported file too.

ok. im trying the conversion right now. thank you

ok when i try to do this conversion the job is stuck at 0%

am i doing something wrong? What file extension should i name the file? it doesnt add an extension.

It was supposed to add on automatically if you left it off but now I see that is not working.
The next version improves the file save dialog to make this friendlier. The extension depends on the format you chose:
.mp4 for “good”
.mov for better
.mkv for best

Leaving out the extension will not make it stick at 0%. I do not know why it would be stuck unless you did not wait long enough. It might take a while and stay at 0% for a long file. If it is stuck, you can right-click the conversion job, get the log and paste it here.

ok i will try again. I am downloading the software update now.

Thank you so much for your help, this is the quickest response ive even gotten on a forum! :slight_smile:

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