Split without double the key frame


What I’m really missing is, that a keyframe isn’t split with the split of the source.
(Or I do not know the HowTo… :slight_smile: )

If you split e.g. a video part with e.g. a keyframe for SIZE/POS/ROT the keyframe is “doubled”, completely 1 to 1 into the the part that has been split.
It would be really nice, if the keyframe would also be split at that position where e.g. a video part is split.

TIA :slight_smile:

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Ok, if I’m understanding correctly, you have a clip on a single track that you’ve assigned keyframes to the SPR filter. You decided to split the clip and all of a sudden it changes the places where you want the keyframes to be positioned?

If that’s the case, it happens to me all the time IF I assigned the filters on the video clip itself. But, if you place the filter on the Track rather than the clip, the filter treats the entire track as one clip and your keyframe position remains untouched regardless of how many times you split the file.

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I’m not pretty sure, if I understood correctly… :smile:
Here 4 pics showing what I mean:

I t would be nice, if the keyframe would also be split at that position, where the part has been split…


Currently Keyframes are not managed by the split and join edit operations as you have observed. So, I moved this to the #suggestion category.
This applies to simple keyframes as well reported recently by @DRM, which needs a different handling.


What is the objective of splitting the keyframe to match the timeline split? Is it so you can change the location of the keyframe or just for aesthetic purposes only?

Here’s what I mean. If you want the split in the keyframe to happen because you want to maintain the previous keyframes from the original unsplit video, what I’m saying is it is not necessary. If the keyframes are assigned to the Track, the keyframes will act as if it was never split and you maintain control. It will have the same end result without needing to split the keyframes.

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I’ve watched it… :smile:
But [TM], what if you move a / the single part(s)?
And, what if you move a single part into another track?
<duck and cover?> :slight_smile:

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Reset the keyframes, or remove the filter. Then reapply. I would think just removing the filter is much easier.

Hi All? Is there any update here? Just to clarify… I am using ShotCut and I am loving it…
Maybe it is the same question, but I would want to check with you if the feature exists or if it is a new feature request.

I use ShotCut to split one video in several others… I split the Ads in different files.
However, when I click “split” the last frame I clicked goes to both “sides”…

Le me try to be more clear:
<------------------------------------------- Original File recorded from TV (TS) -------------------------------->
<-------------- Ad1 --------------------><----------------- Ad2 -----------------><--------------- Ad 3 ----------->
If I click split on the last frame of the Ad1, the frame also goes
to the first frame of the Ad2 (it is doubled)…

I would expect the frame to be present only in AD1, the frirst frame of the Ad2 would not be the last frame of the Ad1.

Is it possible?

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