Split multiple tracks at same time, maybe called "ripple split"

I’ve been using shotcut on and off almost everyday for a couple of weeks now, and have started to get pretty comfortable with it, and enjoy using it to say the least.

One thing I have been doing as of late is to import video and audio as separate tracks from two separate ffmpeg processes / commands to record my screen and mic. I get better results / peformance with shotcut when I use ALAC and lossless h264 codec for the audio and video. And when I go about to editing the audio to remove “dead space” or parts with no audio, I use the split function ie. s keyboard shortcut to split the clip / track at the current position and then move to the end of the “dead space” and perform another split, and then select the part that I sectioned out with two splits I performed on the track and then press x to remove the “dead space” split section.

wow that took a lot of words to explain what can be done in essentially 3 seconds of use.

so when I’m going about editing the audio to remove “dead space” or pauses I’d also like to remove the video sections as well.

It would be a welcome feature to be able to link an audio & video track so if I perform a split on either the video or audio the accompanying track is split as well thus making sure that both tracks are split at the same time and place.

I’m not opposed to track linking audio & video or even opposed a ripple split that could possible split all tracks at the current playhead position.

Either way I’m really enjoying using shotcut, and never thought I know this much about video editing and ffmpeg, it’s been a fun journey so far.

:heart: love the work that @shotcut and @brian have been doing.

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“Ripple edits across all tracks” suffices for your case:
If you only want to edit some tracks, lock the other tracks beforehand.
(Quite the short answer considering your detailed description :joy:.)


lulz, totally i ended up over stating most of the time as when I try for brevity things always tend to get lost in translation. and your gif is totally a viable solution, thanks for sharing. :pray:

My pleasure :grinning:.
I did not mind your text wall. It is better to explain a request at great length instead of two sentences à la “Audio doesn’t work. Need help!!!”.

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