Split long video and save shorter videos separetely

Hi. I am completely new to editing. I watched few tutorials but cannot find the answer anywhere and I am stuck at start. I have a very long video. I have split it in multiple shorter videos on the timeline. I want to save them all as seperate videos to my computer. How do I save them all pieces separetely, please can anyone help me with instructions what to do

For your use case it’s best to put those separate clips in the Playlist not the timeline. Go to each clip on the timeline that you want to export separately and copy the clip then go to the Playlist window and press the + icon to add that clip to the Playlist. Then when you have all the clips you want in the Export menu make sure to select “Each Playlist Item” where it says “From”:

In the future, what you should do is put that long video in the playlist. Then click once on that clip (don’t double click on it) and either right click and select Copy or press the shortcut key Shift+C. That will make a copy of the clip which means it won’t affect the clip in the playlist. Mark the points where you want the clips to start and end with the I and O keys. Then press the + icon to add it to the playlist. When it’s added to the playlist once again copy the clip again and repeat the process until you have added all the clips you want. Make sure to then remove the long video from the Playlist and only keep the shorter clips you made from it. Then go to the Export menu and make sure to choose “Each Playlist Item” like I explained above.

As a side note, you can also change the name of each clip by going to the Properties menu and clicking in the blue space where the name is and typing the name you want. If you are not on the Properties menu then a quick way to change the name is to make sure you have the clip selected then press F2 and that’ll take you directly to the space to change the name.


Look at the solution from this post

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