Split function splits all the clips of all the tracks while the timeline in unselected

Basically, I already commented this in a other discussion, but just wanted to make this pop out. Currently I can only split clip from a single selected track or the track which was selected the last (while multiple tracks are selected). I find this very time consuming considering even imovie can do it, but the functional structure of iMovie is not good as shotcut so I use shotcut to edit videos. But this function is a must for many, selecting and splitting each track one by one is a very time consuming and also hard, I usually work with 15 tracks or more, it becomes hard for me remember things which I was to do after splitting. Splitting clips together from all tracks is really convenient.

Until the feature you propose is added to Shotcut, maybe you can try this method below. It’s not quite as fast, but it will save you a lot of time. You can lock the tracks you don’t want to split:


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Thanks, I like that way it will save a lot of time.
Looking if this comes in the roadmap.

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