Split clip with keyframe

Recently I found a problem spliting the clip with “size,postion and rotate” filter keyframe. The keyframes after(and before) the split point seems to be still exist but not editable. Sometimes lead to a extremely small size at the end of clip even there is no keyframe.
Looks like the problem is because the start keyframe (or the end keyframe) is not created after splitting clip.

Forgot to mention one more thing: If the speed of clip is changed, the keyframes will stay and not scaling with the speed.
(maybe this is not a bug?)

Those are implied Keyframes. You can go to their position and add a keyframe if you need to change its value or type. And moving Keyframes when speed changes is not implemented.

Thanks for reply. The implied keyframe seems to be more than one. I can click “seek to next (previous)” button multiple times and reach some “phantom keyframes” which is not shown but can be deleted after removing the unwanted part of split. (seems to be keyframes before spliting are still there)

Thanks for reply. Is there any way to add a start keyframe or a end keyframe manually? If the last keyframe is not end keyframe (after split or modifying clip length), the size of the clip (by SPR filter) will become very small after moving it or modifying clip length again.