Split at Playhead quits working

I noticed on my previous video that my “Split at Playhead” which has always worked, suddenly stopped working. I managed to finish that video without it. Now I have a new video I started at it worked one time and has now stopped again. I saved my work and shut the program down and restarted it, but the split at playhead button is doing nothing. I’m running Windows 10 and I’m running 20.02.17 version. Can anybody help me with this. Wthout split at playhead I’m pretty much screwed, because I constantly need to cut out pieces where I say um, cough or something.

Sorry but it always works for me except if a track is locked of course. A locked track has diagonal lines through it, and the lock icon on the track head is closed. Also, it is possible to do all the editing you want without ever using split if you think about editing in terms of adding only the good parts instead of removing the bad parts. To add only what you want, trim a clip in the Source player and add to timeline from Source.

Also, it is possible that you have multiple tracks, and you are looking at the wrong track for the split. The timeline always has a track that is “current” noted by its gold background color (see the track head if the track is full of clips). Split tries to split the clip on the current track first. If there is no clip there, then it tries to split the top clip across all of the tracks. You change which clip is current in a number of ways: selecting a clip, clicking a track head, or pressing the Up and Down keys.

Thanks, yes I know how to use it. Must have been a glitch of some sort, because shortly after I posted this it suddenly started working again. Very strange, but at least I got my video completed. I’ll try your suggestion too about editing in the source player first. Thanks for responding!

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