Split and Slide photo/video transition using 4 Filter Set files

I’m joining in the “Filter Sets” creativity - fest !! :grin:

I’ve devised a set of 4 filter sets enabling you to produce a split/slide photo or video transition.

Here’s the effect (no audio):

This one needs a bit of timeline editing for it to work, and 4 separate filter set files. Instead of trying to explain it in words, I made a short tutorial video. The transition should be 1 second long, and I made it with 1920 x 1080 resolution. Seasoned Shotcutters should easily follow what I did…

Here’s my tutorial:

The 4 filter set files are named:
split and slide transition files

Here’s the zipped filter set folder containing my 4 files. Feel free to have a play!

JR SPLIT and SLIDE transition FILTER SETS version 1.zip (3.0 KB)


That’s a very cool transition @jonray.
Will try it when I get back home :slight_smile:
It’s grocery day today.
Remember when we didn’t have to visit every grocery store in town for discounts?

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Nice. I’m saving it for my vacation slideshow :sunglasses: :beach_umbrella:. Thanks @jonray for sharing.

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I tried jour sets @jonray.

I was hesitant to make multiple-tracks sets, but it ain’t so bad after all.
I’ll check if I can convert some of my old transitions and titles to filter sets:)


Hi @musicalbox, thank you for the demo. Nice addition of text. I’m trying to work out where you put the text in the timeline. seems you have different degrees of transparency on different parts.

What does your timeline look like?

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J’ai vu cela aussi, c’est plus compliqué qu’il ne parait :thinking:

I’ve seen that too, it’s more complicated than it seems. :thinking:

I just lifted the two small clips from tracks V2 and V3 and inserted a Text clip on V2.

The text is white with the Alpha Channel lowered to 210


Cool. Thanks for the screenshots, @MusicalBox .

Thanks, @SergeC . Enjoy!


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Looks great, thanks for sharing

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NEW version - with overlay clips

I decided the original transition was a bit old-fashioned and needed beefing up… :grin: :wink:

So I’ve added two black overlay clips with transparency that slide at different speeds to the photo clips to add a bit of spice (no audio)…

The timeline does get a little more complicated - you need 5 tracks. Just add two black clips like so:

I’ve created Filter Sets to apply to these black clips. So there are now 5 filter set files:

Split and slide transition with overlay - filter set  names
I know it looks complicated but it’s simply a matter of applying the filter set files to each stacked clip. Much faster than devising it from scratch!
Updated zipped filter set folder:

JR SPLIT and SLIDE transition FILTER SETS version 1 with overlay clips.zip (4.8 KB)

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