Spinning "Subscribe" banner video resource

The recent thread HERE re-jogged my interest in animating (spinning) text and images with HTML so I just knocked up this short SUBSCRIBE banner. Feel free to use it - all files attached, including the exported MP4.

Users can import the mp4 into Shotcut and chroma-key out the black background, to overlay it over any video. Also re-position it anywhere and /or re-size if necessary with the Size, Position and Rotate filter.

How I did it -
I made the “Subscribe” red image in Shotcut with 3 tracks: two text clips abpve a red colour clip, then exported the frame as a PNG.

Then I wrote HTML/CSS code using the standard AT keyframes method of animating the image, then converted it for use in Shotcut (please note, it MUST be version 20_07_11 or earlier) using @elusien’s CSS webvfx generator: Shotcut CSS Animations Overlay HTML Filter Generator

Spinning SUBSCRIBE banner by JonRay MP4.zip (137.3 KB)

Spinning SUBSCRIBE banner by JonRay (for Shotcut) FILES.zip (163.6 KB)


UPDATE: I made a slightly different version with a narrower red box. I did it by applying a Mask:simple shape (rectangle) to a black colour clip on the top track:

Spinning SUBSCRIBE banner (narrow) by JonRay MP4.zip (134.8 KB)


Well done Jonray! Thats really useful.

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Glad you like it ! :smiley:

Quick question Jonray. I have created a 1920 x 1080 image, how can i scale that image without losing quality to the top right corner. I have managed to maneuver the image to the top right hand corner, but its scaling it down is an issue.

Hi @odusis, scaling down is not usually a problem. It’s stretching an image that usually causes pixellation. Have you got a screenshot?

Here is the screen shot.