Spider Mountain Summer Session

Slowly making improvements with these as I learn more but I still have a long way to go.

Tried not to make the intro look so amateur by using Gimp for the text instead, but alas I struggle. Hopefully when I get more time I can focus on improving it. Family seemed to like the transition text for the trail labels.

I began recording in Flat/Raw mode and working with Color Grading finally instead of just bumping the contrast. Even added just a hint of orange-teal and I like the change. Oddly, it feels more natural and like being there.

Not Shotcut related but we’re still trying to get the camera vibration reduced some. We’ve struggled with using Shotcut’s stabilization on the GoPro Wide setting as it didn’t seem natural. Instead, we’re using camera stabilization on medium view, a larger chest plate, and the chest harness cinched to the point of almost being restrictive. This has helped a LOT but the trails are that rough, like riding an accelerated rodeo bull, so I don’t know if we’ll ever get to anything smooth.


Which model year GoPro are you using? Each iteration improves stabilization. GoPro also bought ReelSteady which improves stabilization further by using additional camera sensor data instead of image analysis like our tool.


A free alternative being GitHub - gyroflow/gyroflow: Video stabilization using gyroscope data though I’ve not tested


It be old and we’ve put it through hell. We’ve been working with what we have as funds are limited. Back screen doesn’t even work anymore so most of the time we’re guessing at what we’re filming. It’s all in fun though.

The severity of this bike park is really the only place that we have issues. You can’t tell by the nature of the camera angle but the hits and steps on the trail, that cause the vibration, are each about 2-foot in height. Looks flat on screen. It’s like riding an accelerated rodeo bull. At the part of the trail where the Youtube screenshot is taken, my son’s butt is back behind the seat and almost resting on the back tire so he doesn’t go over the handlebars cause it’s that steep. It’s just really hard to tell without a side shot.

I’ve watched other riders at this place and many struggle but others have found a way to succeed and I’m hoping it’s because of an upgrade.

Regardless, you are correct in that we need to update our camera.

Will take a look.

We also have a gimble but it’s too bulky to wear in these kind of conditions. Found a pro rider that does it with the same model but I still don’t know how he pulls it off…

I’ve used Gyroflow on a few test files from my GoPro 7 and the result is crazy good when you find the right settings (I still don’t understand why it has sync points and why do they get desynched randomly during the video duration, I’d expect sensor data to be contigous and consistent but I guess that’s not the case somehow).

It requires to record unstabilized though so it’s a bit of a gamble if you can’t find the right settings as unstabilized action cam footage is basically unwatchable. But when it works… it’s ages better than the camera itself, you can make it perfectly smooth if you crop enough.


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