Spider Mountain Bike Park Ride

Went to Spider Mountain bike park for my 50th birthday with my son. Unplanned video as we were only curious to review and improve our riding techniques. After reviewing some of the clips, thought would add to it and compile them together.

Was torn about the stabilize filter as it started taking away the feeling of the roughness for some of the trails so pulled back on it. Hopefully the video isn’t nauseating.

GoPro is broken as the back screen stopped working and you can’t see what you’re recording. On the list for a new one…


That was fun to watch. Scary too. I’d probably die somewhere between the start of the Sidewinder track and the end of Vipers Den.

Happy 50th!

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Thank you, I appreciate it!

Good for you man, Happy 50th brother!! I also use Shotcut for all of my video editing for my YouTube channel. Keep On Keeping On :wink:


Thanks man! Just checked out your video 37 and love it. Like the melodic soundtrack that you use. So many others have a speed metal rage to theirs that doesn’t make sense.

Like the 3rd person aspect. How do you set it up? Mount camera and then go back over that part of the trail or do you have someone you ride with? Curious as I’d like to improve on mine as I start to do this more.

Appreciate it!

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Hey Neuner, Happy 2023! Sorry it took me so long to reply to your question!! Yes, I ride the trail multiple times as I typically ride by myself. It takes me about 3 to 4 hours of filming to get about 5 - 10 minutes of completed video. I use tress, tripods, chest mount, helmet mount, and different locations on the frame when I film. I hope that answered your question. Good luck with your filming and editing!!

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50 is definitely the new 35, or was it 24.

Looking good.

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There was a show on about Kelly Slater, the surfing pro. He appeared to be older and yet performing well so I looked him up. Was amazed to read the following in a recent article;

Just days shy of his 50th birthday, legendary pro surfer Kelly Slater won the Billabong Pro Pipeline in Hawaii on Saturday against the son of a former rival.

The final of the Pipeline pitted Slater against Seth Moniz, a 24-year-old whose father Tony competed against Slater decades ago. , Slater took down the younger competitor to win the Pipeline for the 8th time.

Inspiring me to stop slacking off, eat well, and get in better shape!

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