Speedup Clip and Ripple

Hi everyone, I was wondering if there is a faster way of doing this?
Suppose You have a clip that is split at many points on the timeline, giving You many clips and You decide to speedup one of them in properties, then it is shorter in the timeline.
How to have everything ripple at that point.

I do have a workaround but maybe something is faster… What I do is with the Ripple Trim and Drop selected, I drag the clip I want to speedup in another track, at this point the original track is rippled, I speedup the clip in properties, then reinsert in the original track and all is fine… I find myself having to do this about 50 times in my video…
Thank You

RIght click in the empty space (gap) and choose Remove. You can also position the play head in the gap, press Ctrl+Space to select the gap, and press Shift+Del to ripple delete it.

Thank You Very Much, I did not think of selecting nothing :sweat_smile: and the Remove is right there…
I used it today and another issue occurred, don’t know if it is written somewhere about maximum speed value for sure I got Shotcut to terminate many times with value of 30x so I reverted back to 20x, witch worked well. My 2.5 hrs ended up in 1 clip of Just over 1 hr then 2 clips of 35 min. exported and reapplied some 4x speedup to the same already speeded clips. That worked fine for me.

EDIT: Watched a video ( from Mr. Eko SC Tutorial part 8 - slow motion and timelapse) where it was mention max. value to be 20x not being able to enter higher values. So I tried this out and was able to enter up to 50x and tried it on a clip and it worked :smiley: must of been something in my project…

On another subject, about loading project.mlt, the ones I used today where a little large, so I am getting use to clicking only once on the project.mlt file and waiting with no perceivable way to see if it is loading. So My question is, Where Should I look to see that it is loading :face_with_monocle:

Again Many Thanks…

Nothing very obvious at the moment. I will add a notification message in the status area below the player.

Thank You, that will really be appreciated :smiley:

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