Speed up multiple cuts in a track

Hi guys.

Been using shortcut for a couple of days. I’m editing a video that has multiple parts (more then 50) that I want to speed up.
I made a seperate track with this 50 cuts, but now I can’t seem to find a way to speed them up without going cut by cut (which will be really time consuming.
Since it doesn’t seem to be a way to select multiple cuts, how would you guys tackle this? Going cut by cut is not really an option.


Good evening, I think the best solution would be to first encode all of your shouts and then apply the acceleration once on the encoded file.
Good luck.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don’t think that will work.

The video are 2 (possibly 3) tracks which cuts that must not overlap. 1st track has voice which should never be change speed, track 2 cuts need to be speed up let’s say x4 and 3rd track cuts need to be speed up, let’s say x8.

Is this possible in anyway, without speeding up each cut individually?

No. Speed changes need to be applied to each clip. In any case you need to do a lot of work. When the clips speed is increased it will shrink leaving a space. Once all the clips are speed adjusted you’ll have to remove the spaces.

If the clip is slowed it will overwrite the clip to the right.

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