Speed Up/Down Filter?

Alright! So the speed filter! Basically this can be used for speed up/slow down moments. Heres what it does. So it gets the previous “sections” speed and then the speed of the section currently being edited it and creates a tween. The only way to do this right now is to make a bunch of frames in-between the two frames and set them to different speeds but that can appear choppy and weird looking.

It can be used for videos only.


Really just one property… Speed or time. Similar to the fade in/fade out filters. Basically just sets how long it takes to get from one speed to the next.

And yea! This would really help me with cut-scenes as well as other content creators if they wanted to have a smooth transition to a slow mode scene or something like that.

But yea! Please reply with your opinions! Thanks for reading! Have a nice day! c:

Don’t understand exactly what you want… There is already a way to change clip’s speed and add it to the timeline. It is in the clip “properties” section.

With the logic of the software as it is, it looks impossible for me to have a filter for that because filters never change clip duration.
And the maths implied are not so complicated.

Yes I know how to do it. But it appears very choppy and weird looking as I said above…

Because your footage don’t have 120 p or more.
Try SlowMoVideo

Just started to look into Shotcut, and I definitely also miss that feature from other programs to be able to speed things up and down with during playback gradually (with speed curves like key frame curves in ShotCut). Changing a whole clip is not really the same thing.

So a plus on that feature from me too


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