Speed up clips opened from MLT


I’m trying to speed up a clip that was imported using “Open MLT XML as Clip”. For a regular video file, I can click on it, open “properties” and adjust the speed. But for the clip imported from MLT, the properties panel comes up empty.

Is there a way to speed up MLT clips, or the only way is to export them as regular video files first?


That is a very good question. I’m assuming you don’t want to modify the original project in any way. I tried editing the XML files of Shotcut projects to reproduce what you are asking by saving a project with multiple tracks and effects, then creating a new project with that project loaded as an MLT XML clip. (Sorry if that was confusing! :sweat_smile:)

As you said, the properties panel is greyed out, so you can’t directly change the speed but I tried adding a warp speed element (used for modifying the speed of other clips) to the XML but that didn’t work either.

If I had to guess why it would be because the properties can only be read/“applied” to actual video files… if that makes sense. I think you just have to create a copy of the original project and manually speed that up, then import that instead. But I think it would be a very good feature to have viewable XML clip properties, even if they aren’t identical to video clip properties.

Hi everybody,

any news on this topic (or solution). It would be GREAT if one could use the mlt-files just like regular video files (even if certain preliminaries must be met such as constant framerate, same framerate as host project, etc.)

There has been no change in this functionality yet.