Speed: Forward Only saves keyframe data, but doesn't use it on load

OS: Win10
SC ver.: 24.02.29

“Speed: Forward Only” saves keyframe data, but doesn’t use it on load.

Repeatable: After I close Shotcut and reopen, I go back to where I had just saved the clip with Speed: Forward Only and the keyframe changes. I can see the keyframe modifications are still there but when I play the clip it is at normal speed for the full length of that clip. I have to clear and reenter the keyframe changes for it to work again.

Play the clip. Works. Time slows for a moment and returns to 1x. Save file. Close. Load. Not working. Plays full clip at 1x. Keyframes in “Speed: Forward Only” show the changes but are ‘ignored’.

I exported just that clip as a test, it plays the full exported clip at 1x, even though the keyframes are supposed to change the clip speed to 0.25x for a bit.

Log is from the job of that clip export.


shotcut-log - Speed-Forward Only.txt (28.9 KB)

I have not been able to reproduce this. And, unfortunately, the lot does not give me any clues. If you delete the filter and recreate the filter, does the problem persist?