Speed filter and clip length

I’m playing with the Speed: Forward Only filter, and one thing I do not understand: if the speed of playback is changed, the length of the clip changes as well, but this is not reflected in the Timeline and my experience in speeding a clip up is the last frame just hangs out for the rest of the playback.

If you modify the speed in the clip Properties, the timeline reflects the new speed.

What is the corred way to use the filter?

  1. Go to the clip properties and set the duration to something longer that will meet your needs. Maybe just make it way longer than you need. For example, if you are just going to double the speed, then reduce the length by half. But if you are going to use keyframes to make some interesting effects, maybe you don’t know how long it will need to be until you are done.
  2. Apply the Speed filter and adjust the keyframes to your liking
  3. Drag the right edge of the clip to trim it back down to the length were you want the effect to end.

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