Speed/Duration is applied to total video instead of selected segment of video


I’m trying to change the speed/duration of a section of my video.
I cut the part that I want to change and go to properties, change the speed to for example 4,00 and press apply.

What happens is that the total video is now running on that speed and not the section that I thought to apply it.

How come? I’m using Windows 10, shotcut version 24.04.28


From what I understand, you say you have splitted the part where you want to apply the speed? Because I am not really sure by the word choice in this post, so it’s better to ask.

Have you grouped the clips or did you check if all clips were selected together while increasing the speed? Maybe you accidentally applied the speed to the whole track (I am not really sure if it is possible to increase speed of whole track in shotcut, however filters can be added to tracks)

Btw, you can use time remapping in shotcut to remove the extra step of splitting clips. As it’s name suggests, it helps you remap the time, speed up or slow down certain sections of clips with keyframes.

Sorry for the confussion.
I have one video file.
I have splitted in three segments/clips
So all segments==total video

[segment 1][segment2][segment3]

When I change the duration of segment2, all segments==total video were changed.
Not sure why.

I tried it again this afternoon and now t seems to work.
It is probably my mistake.
So it is not a bug.