Sped up sound and choppy sound

HI, I was wondering if anyone else was having an issue after just cutting and removing clips and then it randomly speeds up and it says the speed is normal. It also sounds really choppy and I couldn’t fix it. I’m going to export it to see if it is normal again. because that seems to fix things. thank you!

What version number of Shotcut are you using?


What is the version number?


Okay. What OS are you using? What are your system specs?

Do these random speed ups and choppy sound happen every time you cut a clip? Is it with all footage? Does it matter if you apply filters or not? Also, did you export the file like you said you were going to?

You need to be more specific with what’s happening.

hi i exported the file and its normal now i don’t know why it did that but its normal after you export it.

When you view your project in the “player”, Shotcut is having to do a lot in the background, depending on the format of your source video(s) and the filter(s) applied. Unless you have a very powerful PC it will not be able to keep up displaying the video frame-by-frame and playing the audio in real-time, which is why you experience what you perceive as a “problem”.

When you export the video Shotcut has all the time in the world to render the video. It doesn’t have to do it frame-by-frame in real-time. But when you later play the exported video it should all be OK - as you have found out.

Thank you for explaining this!

Have a look at this thread and the other thread I point to:

What’s described is sped up sound. I can confirm this. When the system is too weak it should stutter, not play it faster. It is typically resolved by closing and opening shotcut.

The original post says:

which to me implies that when playing the video the sound stutters and frames get dropped, which could at a push be described as the video speeding up (e.g. it jumps from frame 1 to frame 5 then to frame 10), which implies the system is not powerful enough to keep up in real time.

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