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I want to make a face brighter, but keep the rest of the image the same. Is there a way to select someone’s face or the area around it, possibly feather it so the change from dark to brighter is gradual and less noticeable, and then increase the brightness please?

Thanks so much.


Hi @Ray1

You need 3 filters on your clip, in this order:

  • Mask: Simple Shape
  • Brightness (Levels should also work)
  • Mask: Apply

EDIT: In fact, I think Levels looks a little bit better than Brightness


Wow, I love this partial color correction algorithm. Thanks for this tutorial video.


Thanks this is something I can really use as I often have to film in bright sun and my hat shades my face.

@Ironbark Thanks to you for commenting.

This Mask/Mask apply combination can be used to apply many effects (not only brightness) on a specific part of the screen. Quite useful.

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Thanks. Worked a treat.


Thanks, your tutorials are really helping me to understand how the filters work. I’ve been using Shotcut for a few years without realizing it’s true potential.

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Merci de cette belle démonstration.

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Hi @musicalbox, this is very helpful to lots of users, including me. Thanks! :+1:

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Great technique!

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