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Hello Forum,
Have two short questions:

  1. Is it possible to change speed of a video clip, play faster or slower, if yes, then how.
  2. Is it possible to reverse the video clip - play from end backward to the begining, if yes, then how.
    Answers will be appreciated.

1- Speed is in the properties of a clip, 1x is default, and can be altered from there. Each clip can be altered independently on the timeline.

2- The reverse clip option is also in the properties section and is under the contextual menu, the three bars on the bottom right in 18.11.18


Please be aware that Speed changes the selected clip, but Reverse… generates a new file that must be opened and added to the project. Reverse is rather slow, but also only the portion of the clip you are interested in. That means, if you are reversing the clip in the Source player, you should trim it before making the reverse.

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