Spatial Sound

How do i control the sound levels in each ear ? Like i want to make a sound effect louder in one ear to tell the viewer where its coming from in the video. I enabled the 6 (5.1) audio channels but idk how to do what i want to in this post.

You are looking for a surround panner, which is not available but on the Shotcut - Road Map. Currently, only stereo panning is supported. Surround support is rather minimal: basically to pass from input to export but only up to 6 channels. For audio filters, only Copy Channel and Swap Channels know how to do something special with surround channels. And notice I kept saying “surround” because spatial is a level higher than surround that is not planned.

I used pan to do what i wanted, but i tried to do the same thing with another audio clip and it completely eliminates the audio. Iv tried putting balance and pan on it, to do the same thing, and it has. Not what i wanted, they have both eliminated the audio completely, i can add the gain filter and have it still make audio, idk what’s happening

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