Sound problem in 18.07

I am getting sound problems on 18.07. When I open any kind of music and play it back, it gets distorted and sounds weird!

Windows 10 Home
Version 18.07


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I am having the same issue.
I downloaded the zip portable folder. Extract the files and run Shotcut directly from the folder. No installation at all!
Is this how it should work for the portable zip file?

UPDATE: I have tried downloading the installer file and installed in over the previous version. But still having the same issue.


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I realized that without video track, the audio in my timeline will play nicely.
I’m running win 8.1, 8Gb RAM on surface pro 3. Could it be my hardware can’t make it?

Depends of the “size” of the video you use. If it’s 4K for ex, maybe your computer is too weak…

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Hi Thanks!

Nope. Just working on 1080p footages and CPU is i5. I managed to create a footage sometime back and I do not recall I had this issue then.