Sound pitch

Hey! Since the beginning i use Shotcut so i missing an option (audio effect) for sound pitch or pitching.
Is it possible to integrate in Shotcut? Thx. :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome!
Why don’t you try to speed up or down the audioclip by using the ‘speed’ in the ‘properties’ of the clip? :smiley:

Hey! Thank you for your reply. but that isnt what i want. speed should be the same of the clip. only the sound should be pitch up or down. Thanks

Then try to ‘detach audio’ and set the seperate videoclip to normal speed. :smiley:

This is not currently supported. I think it is something that will be added this year.

In the meantime, I’m sure someone can give you instructions of how to open the audio in Audacity, change the pitch, and then import that into Shotcut.

Yea true. I saw this requests multiple times across the forum.
I hope the audio pitch filter will be added soon. Especially speedup/slowdown of the video clips are so popularly used, it is so nice to be able to keep the audio.

doesnt work…

When I’m at home I’ll try it on my way and reply.

Detach Audio.
Right click on the clip in the timeline, then select Detatch Audio.

Export as WAV File
Export tab, under the audio preset, select WAV.
Click “Export File” then you’ll get your OS file dialog box which to name your file.

Download/install/open Audacity
Use the Change Pitch Effect

Export from Audacity as WAV.

Back to Shotcut
Open the changed WAV file
Delete the current detatched audio (or paste to a new track/mute the original)
Drag from source to A1 Audio track.

Avoid using MP3 as Audacity does not come installed with the software to export to MP3 and you’ll have to research on your own to figure out how to get that working. This is why I recommend WAV.

If you don’t know how to use the Change Pitch in Audacity, take a stroll through YouTube to find which tutorial works best for you.


ah ok. i can try. thx. but for comfy working its better to integrate directly in shotcut. :slight_smile:

That would be an issue for the next version.

It is possible! :smiley: Here the solution:

1.) Cut your clip and bring this piece to your desired speed (e.g. x3).
2.) Detach Audio from clip.

3.) Turn your videoclip to normal speed. The seperate audio will stay pitched! :smiley:

@DvS The desired pitch is the original pitch before the clip is sped up.
Your step above doesn’t solve this.

@Hudson555x, for me its works fine on SC 19.12.31. The audio stays pitched , -so I understand the whole thread. Maybe I misunderstood the whole case and I’m asking you what’s the difference between your Audacity- and my solution? - I mean ‘pitching’, not ‘timestretching’.

People want to speed up their clips to 2x, 4x, etc…
They want the pitch of 1x, as they imported the video.
Currently there is no way to accomplish this within Shotcut without using an external program.

I also tried that in reverse: 1x Audio and clip sped up 3x.
Ok, I see it is a 'must be a filter" thing. :smiley:

This is absolutely incorrect.

Linux users need the Lame encoder. Windows user don’t need it.


Then, it is not absolutely incorrect. There is another reason to prefer WAV over MP3: better quality in an intermediate file.

Possibly to some degree based on which version you have currently installed on your computer, and I was operating on an old version.

And I did install LAME for windows just to export to MP3

Per your link: This was a real recent change to Audacity.

But without going into a long drawn out discussion about Audacity versions, it’s still the best advice to just stick with WAV.