Sound not working but all fine just yesterday?

@shotcutapp Please help me someone? Used Shotcut yesterday to put a spoken audio file with a music file - worked perfectly no issues. Today go into Shotcut again and the audio files are all crackly - I haven’t changed anything on my settings, files or computer in ANY way.

The sound is crackly and unclear. Literally nothing changed since it worked perfectly just yesterday and I urgently have to get these files out today.

I would be so hugely grateful for your help.


Is it just crackly in the preview window or is it also crackly when you export the video?

If it is in the preview window only it could be you are running other applications on the cumputer and Shotcut is fighting these to get CPU resources.

hi thanks so much for taking the time to reply! I shut down and restarted and it was still ongoing so I just don’t understand it? However, I made a mp3 and it seems fine on playback so thank you for the message!

Try Settings->Preview Scaling->360p. This should reduce the CPU load and give a smoother editing experience and possibly sort out the crackling problem.

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