Sound into headphones

if I connect my headphones to my PC after inserting the video in the timeline, or in the player, I have to do: Settings > Audio channels > mono then stereo so that the sound comes out of the headphone; otherwise the headphone is not taken into account by Shotcut

Windows 10 / Shotcut 22 03 30

I think I’ve had this problem since I’ve been using shotcut… (2020…)

This is a known problem whose fix (library upgrade) caused other more serious problems for some and so was reverted. So, no resolution yet, but we are glad to learn about this workaround. I hope to change the sound output library to Qt when we upgrade to Qt 6 later this year, and this problem should go away.

Thank you for your answer. And let’s wait for this upgrade.

I have version 22.12.21 (windows 11) and I tried to switch to Mono, then back to stereo, but still the headset is not taken. Is there still no other workaround, which means working with headset is not possible?

The workaround originally described is not reliable and may give you the wrong number of channels you need for your project. The real workaround is to restart Shotcut. A headset works fine if you have it working in Windows.

for me the solution described with version 22.03.30 works well with version 22.12.21. I just tested.
That said, my external sound card is still plugged into my computer… with or without headphones, and I no longer have the problem! so I don’t have to switch in shotcut.

thank you

This very old bug is fixed for the next version 23.07

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