Sound doesn't work in Shortcut, and it's not muted?

I am having a hard time with shortcut, the sound doesn’t seem to work, neither the sound from the
clips I am editing, or MP3 files I add.
When I export the video, there is still no sound.

I have checked other similar topics on this side, but their fixes doesn’t fit my problem.
I have checked both mute buttons, I have made sure the volume is turned up.
All other sounds works fine on the PC.
I can se the sound bars going up and down, so the software recognizes that there should be sound, but there is none.
I’m running the latest version of the program.

Please help!

Hi @Fr4nknstein

Did you check your system volume mixer? Maybe Shotcut is muted from there.

Hi @MusicalBox , Now i’ve checked in the system settings, mine look a little different, but I can’t find anything that indicates that Shortcut should be turned down or muted?


-Also, when I export the video to a regular media file, and play it in a media player, there is still no sound

I’ve tried changing the Default into name of the speaker, but it doesn’t make a difference

It’s true that even if Shotcut was muted from the system it should export the audio anyway.

Also, your Peak meter is showing that there is actually audio on the clip. This means Audio is not disabled in properties either.


I can’t see for now what can cause the problem.
Maybe you can try to reboot your system. Sometimes it fixes things.

If not, surely someone else will be able to help.
Please tell what version of Shotcut you are using.

Okay, thank you for trying.
I will try to reboot, and I will tell if it works.
I’m running the latest version of 64x Shortcut for windows

LOL! The reboot has fixed the problem,
Thank you very much! @MusicalBox

Windows works in mysterious ways :smile:
You’re welcome. I’m glad your problem is solved.

I too have experienced sound failing once or twice on both Win10 and Mint since version 21.x but could never replicate the issue to cause it. Saving regularly and shutdown SC or reboot always worked.

[quote=“MusicalBox, post:11, topic:35654”]
Windows works in mysterious ways
[/quote] @MusicalBox not just windows it seems!

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