Sound bug only in preview

I’ve been using Shotcut for quite a while and after the last update there’s a buzzing sound in the preview only. The file is normal, the exported file is normal, there’s no “sound thing” in the track in the bottom but it still plays the sound.

Define “last update”
Did you try restarting shotcut? Did you try restarting the computer?

Last update means the last update available. I did restart both.

OK, I was hoping to get a version number. I will assume 19.12.16. We upgraded the audio playout library for Windows in this version to fix a bug, and I suspect that is causing this bug for you (I do not experience it on my 2 Windows systems). It would be great if you can test the following for me. Copy the SDL2.dll from the Shotcut program folder of an older version 19.x into the program folder for the version 19.12. Thanks

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It worked! Now the sound is normal again. Thanks!

Thank you. Since I am not reproducing this, can I give you some other versions of SDL2.dll to drop in and test for me? I hope to find one that fixes the bug that motivated the upgrade but does not cause the crackly problem you experience?
Are you running 32-bit or 64-bit?

I’m running on Windows 10 Professional 64-bit. I don’t mind reproducing this again, but since the issue is fixed can we go on a chatting app like Discord? (LordBloks#0772) Also, I will be back in 30 minutes/an hour.

Alternately, if we can detect the failure, we could revert to use RtAudio. Are there any clues in the application log when the failure occurs?

No, please. That is a big change that will have its own set of major issues. I am just trying to address regressions.

I agree that “Plan A” should be to address the regression directly.

But we do already revert to rtaudio, so it wouldn’t be that big of a change, and might add general robustness if we can detect more failure cases:

Yes, of course I know about that. That is primarily for internal experimentation and unofficial Linux builds. Did you even try it? On Windows, it produces infinite looping audio when you scrub with audio. So, it’s an immediate blocker. Yes, I have looked into the problem before with no quick fix. At the moment, I am preparing a new release to fix major regressions in the last release. This means I am in a mode of risk aversion with very little time to afford to a new approach.

@LordBloks What do you have Settings->Audio Channels set to? I assume it is “2 (stereo)”.

Yes, it is stereo

This was fixed for the next version with the help of @LordBloks by reverting SDL2.dll to the previous version (2.0.5). I gave him several to try, and they all had the same crackling.

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