SormoRock - Holding On - a tribute to Gary Brooker

This was my first ShotCut project: an “at home” performance featuring Gary Brooker of Procol Harum.

I’ve been doing videoediting (mostly to edit videos of our live performances) for almost twenty years now, first with QuickTime Pro and then with iMovie, but it has been quite a while I had been banging against the limits of iMovie and was searching for something more flexible. When this project came around it became clear iMovie would not do at all, so i tried several other editors and settled on ShotCut, a program I plan to use for almost all my future editing needs.

Audio has been recorded with the means we had (in some cases even simple phones) and edited by me in Logic.


That was fantastic. Thanks for sharing. The flute is my favorite.

Thanks, glad you like it. Take a look at our live videos if you’d like, there is plenty recorded in the past few years.

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