Sometimes, bits of audio missing

Sometimes when I import a video in shotcut, bits of the audio seem to “disappear”, as in some seemingly random 2-3 seconds are missing at certain parts, but they’re definitely there because VLC reads those parts fine. Weirdly enough though, I just realized that if i put the playhead on/in said missing bits of audio, as in start playback directly during those parts and not before those parts, the audio plays fine. So the issue happens when starting playback BEFORE those bits.
The audio waveform that shows on the track is empty during those bits too.
Really peculiar bug.

I’ve noticed it happen with two files who happen to have the same type of audio, so that might be the cause ? Here is the mediainfo for said files, maybe that can help ? they both have “MLP” audio due to dolby truehd, haven’t seen it happen for “simpler” codecs like ac3.

Thanks :slight_smile:

codect codecrbug

This might be a seeking problem that will likely not be addressed soon because that code is mature and risky to change. It could also be a problem with downmixing from 8 channels. Shotcut only supports up to 6. You should convert this file, and you might want to reduce the number of channels in the process.

ah okay, i’ll look into doing that, thanks !

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