Something light food complacent?


so here is a “Spaziergang”: :slight_smile:

Ein Spaziergang

Completely own material…
Made with an 1,2 MP camera of a ten years old mobile phone… in 4:3<!>.
So my feet are a little short and wide… :slight_smile:

Howsoever…, sometimes there is a little moment, coming, and given, to have a Spaziergang.

'Til then


Nice work! :wink:

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Thanks, always good! :smile:

My first video with a lot of material…, 130 elements, of which 125 photos.

I just saw this one now. I missed it when you first posted it. Really great editing and atmosphere! :+1: I love that effect throughout the video that looks like eyelids opening and closing. Great job! Did you use those new filters like Trails and Choppy at all or was it just with dissolve transitions?

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Thanks. I also think it was a good idea. :slight_smile:

And, no, it was made with the previous version…
But, now I have the currently newest, I already saw it (Choppy), looks very interesting. :smile:
Trails, I will have a look…
And yes, with “simply” overlay, but partial a little moved (by a filter, and by position). Like also in “One Click Away”, but there I’ve already used a blend method.
Shotcut brings/gives so much:smile:

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