Something In The Way (Made with Shotcut)

Happy Saturday fellow Shotcutters,

AJ here. I’ve been a Bat fiend since I was three years old. For me, Bronze Age Batman is the BEST. Any artwork by Neal Adams has this uncanny ability to just take me back to my younger days. So I was super excited to hear that a NEW Batman movie was in development. For this video, I am using simple fades in and out of the footage to give the video a 1994 MTV Unplugged feel. I am very happy with the finished product but what do you Shotcutters think? As always, I appreciate any feedback or critique. If any of you fellow Shotcutters have any questions or want to collab in the future on a project - feel free to say “Hello.”

Thanks for watching. Keep on Shotcutting and stay safe!


Something In The Way (The Batman 2021) x Nirvana x Vocal Cover Music Video by AVENUENIGHTS



I enjoyed your video. Nicely done. The only problem I have is with the pixelization visible in some parts of the video. Like in this shot at the beginning for example:
The rest of the shots are pretty sharp, even when they are very dark.

Thanks for watching! And yes I agree with you. I too have a problem with the pixelization. Thank you for calling me out on that. I think it has to do with low level lighting and the video resolution 16:9 (1280x720) which I was shooting at.

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its pretty cool!

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Yay! Thanks for watching. It’s appreciated.

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